adidas X White Mountaineering FW17

adidas White Mountaineering Flight Jacket - Black BQ4077 | AStore 

adidas White Mountaineering Seeulater Alledo Sneakers - Black CG3666 | AStore


adidas White Mountaineering Crew Sweatshirt - Green BQ4113 - Detail | AStore


adidas White Mountaineering Woven Pants - Green BQ4101 | AStore


The now well-established partnership between adidas Originals and Japanese sportswear aficionados White Mountaineering continues with a seasonal range of monochromatic and earthy-toned footwear and apparel. The Yosuke Aizawa designed range blends technical knits and military style manufacturing to form a cohesive collection of sneakers, sweats, jackets, and trousers. Key pieces include a vintage-style Flight Jacket, a retro-futuristic Seeulater Alledo sneaker, as well as combat style Woven trousers.  


See the adidas x White Mountaineering FW17 range here:


September 13, 2017 by A Store
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