'BEAMS: Beyond Tokyo' celebrates 40 years of the brand's influence

BEAMS: Beyond Tokyo Book - Front cover


BEAMS: Beyond Tokyo Book - Open page


BEAMS: Beyond Tokyo Book - Open page


Sort-after brand BEAMS, which once started out as a small shop in the Harijiruku district of Tokyo has now built up a reputation as one of the most influential proprietors of style in Japan and indeed the world. This book delves into their unique philosophy of collaboration with only the finest brands and designers from across the world including adidas, Nike, Reebok, Levis as well as with photographers Mark Borthwick and Terry Richardson. Inside we are taken on a tour of the label's inner workings accompanied by pics, sketches, and in-depth stories of the brand's development and history with contributions from esteemed guests Sofia Coppola, Bape's Nigo, Stella Ishii, Toby Bateman (managing director of Mr. Porter) and more. 


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May 12, 2017 by A Store