Stiebeuel presents its 6th collection in a quiet motel


Stiebeuel No.6 | AStore 


Stiebeuel No.6 - Model in bath | AStore






Stiebeuel Striped Sweater - Blue / White | AStore 


Stiebeuel Work Jacket - Blue | AStore


'To capture the brand's sixth collection Stiebeuel took to a small west coast motel a few hours drive out of Cape Town. Joined by like-minded friends Helen Raine and Kim Hindrichs from local film product company Motion City Films and photographer Ian Engelbrecht.'


'Stiebeuel is a South African menswear brand based in Cape Town. Founded in December 2014 by Nico Nigrini, the brand released a small capsule 'Introspection' which marked the first of a growing range of collections.'


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August 01, 2017 by A Store