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'Finish him! K.O! It's over. Give up you're done for. The end. Ded. Here comes the Finished & Klara capsule from RVCA and Jade Klara this Halloween.'


RVCA has had a long-standing relationship with artists from across the globe with its popular Artist Network Program. Cue the well known South African artist and illustrator Jade Klara who once again joins the fray for her Halloween-inspired capsule collection. 'Finish & Klara' is a tongue-in-cheek collection featuring playfully printed tees, caps, tote bags as well as a ladies one piece bikini. 


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October 19, 2017 by A Store

RVCA 'No Wave' compilation

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RVCA No Wave Flood Denim


RVCA's No Wave compilation takes an abstract approach to surf apparel with its lead ambassador Eric Ellison. Bleached denim, battered knits mixed in with a bit of Psychodelia focus on the gritty culture and music of the 90's grunge era avoiding your typical surf look. Thrift shop influenced palettes and fits harp back to Ellison's youth who describes the range as 'young but growing up'. 


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