York Surf launches at Astore

York Surf Square Logo Sweater - Black | AStore



York Surf Surfer Handstand | AStore


York Surf - Muizenberg Colour Huts | AStore


York Surf Square Woven Label Sweater - Navy | AStore


York Surf  - Inside Cabin | AStore


'What is yesterday, today?' It may seem confusing to some but once put into perspective it's easy to see why York Surf is so set on remembering the past. Having grown up on the beaches of Muizenberg, the guys found a combined love for the legacy of surfing and the history of the beaches this small town had to offer. They feel the need to acknowledge the past whilst moving into the future and believe that every slice of today should have a piece of yesterday in it. They enjoy the legacy left by those before them and so feel it should be preserved for years to come. That means blending the soul of the original with the technology of the present. The first drop includes two styles of sweater both in Navy and Black.


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June 26, 2017 by A Store
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